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Vinnie Jones Hounded off Twitter

It is quite probable by now that you have heard about Vinnie Jones’ controversial Twitter post which caused a massive backlash from animal rights activists and many members of the public. In the aftermath of this post having since been deleted, Jones had claimed his Twitter was hacked and that the image in question was unrelated to him.

However we also did some digging and it wasn’t hard to find several images of Jones engaged in bloodsports and seemingly thrilled by his kills:

Since Jones’ post went up, the ex-footballer has faced heavy criticism with one particular article written by Alex Matthews for the Mail Online being shared more than 120,000 times. In addition to the attention he has received from the national papers, even Jones’ fans have turned their backs on him following the revelation.

In the early hours of this morning, Jones took to Twitter to announce that he will close his account but continue to follow his country pursuits.

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  1. Joann

    How come he wasn’t arrested and charged? It is against the law after all. Nasty horrid man.

    • Alfie

      Unfortunately the ‘sport’ he pursues – lamping – is not illegal (yet). The picture that was uploaded on his account was from Australia apparently but it is the pleasure he takes from these deaths which is disturbing.

  2. gillian mcpherson

    How you treat animals signifies the kind of person you are, Vinnie Jones you are a cretin of the lowest order, murdering innocent beings for your pleasure, I hope you suffer in life the way you have made animals suffer, karma will catch up with you. You are a coward. You should be arrested for breaking the law .

  3. Luisa

    He may have left Twitter butbhis antics are public now.
    There IS NO disgruntled ex employee it’s all him. He’s a pathetic grunt all hunters/shooters/anglers are. No morals no ethics and full of excuses.

  4. Derek

    His departure from Twitter will be no loss – besides, his grammar is dreadful! As for etiquette and “country pursuits”? Which ones? Psychopathic slaughter? Maiming? Brutality? Hooray Henry self-gratification?

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