Pro-Hunt Chairman of Kent Wildlife Trust pressured to resign

Campaigners are calling for Michael Bax, the chairman of Kent Wildlife Trust, to step down from his position with immediate effect after it emerged that he served as Chairman of the Hare-hunting group the Blean Beagles between 1971 and 2005. Not only this but it has also been discovered that Bax’s business, BTF Partnership, sponsored game shoots in Kent in July 2014, three months after he became Chair of Kent Wildlife Trust.

Despite such a clear conflict of interest, in 2014 and beyond all comprehension, Bax became Chairman of Kent Wildlife Trust. Since then, Bax has faced considerable pressure from supporters to leave his position at the Trust. Tom F set up a petition calling for Bax to be removed  from his position as Chairman of Kent wildlife Trust and it has since been signed by over 100,000 people on the Care2 Petition site.



Kent Wildlife Trust Petition

If you would like to sign the petition and show your support, you can do so here:

On the petition, Tom writes;

“The Brown Hare is an endangered species across the UK and Bax does not represent the views of Kent Wildlife Trust’s membership who pay their fees to protect wildlife, not slaughter it for pleasure.

Bax’s association with Kent Wildlife Trust has been condemned by members, conservationists, animal welfare organisations and politicians, ranging from Chris Packham to PETA. ”

What are your thoughts? Should Bax remain in charge of Kent Wildlife Trust in light of his connections with bloodsports?

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  1. Bertha Fiddler

    Such cruelty is totally unacceptable.

  2. gail bower

    people give money to this wildlife trust believing they are helping wildlife, in fact they are giving money to cruel scum who get their kicks by torturing and killing those who cannot fight back. Sack him


    i cannot understand who gives out these post do they not check into the back grounds off the applicants ,or is it the usual not what you are or do its who you know ,it makes you feel sick and angry when will this old boy network ever finish ,

  4. Marie Markey

    Get rid .

  5. Neil

    Clear conflict of interest, he needs to go. If he won’t step down Kent Wildlife Trust need to do the right thing and kick him out. Makes a mockery of everything they stand for.

  6. Kate

    Immediate resignation is demanded

  7. Laura Adelaar


  8. He needs to go! He has clearly exploited his position that should be to protect wild life but to the contrary has been exposed as supporting hunting , and harehunting with hounds, this is both cruel and inhumane , and is unacceptable .one would think he should resign or get the sack, for misconduct and exploiting his position.

  9. Josephine Wilson

    This is unacceptable. A total conflict of interest! Looks like corruption to me! He should be made to resign immediately!!! Or better still be given the sack!

  10. I am shocked that this man was elected to the very important job as Chair for an organisation whose aim is to protect wildlife. Call a meeting and demand he resigns immediately.
    Stella Smith

  11. A F

    He should be sacked for gross misconduct. Clearly a conflict of interest, makes a mockery of the organisation he is supposed to stand for.

  12. Lynda

    Out out out out

  13. Janet Benson

    These people think they are above the law and the police and government are letting them get away with it

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