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In the past few months Keeptheban have been leading the calls for the National Trust to revoke licences to ‘trail hunting’ on their land for the upcoming 2017/18 season. A petition entitled ‘The National Trust: Revoke Land Use For ‘Trail’ Hunts’ has been signed by over 125,000 people and was handed in to the Trust last month at their HQ in Swindon by a Keeptheban representative and National Trust members.

On the petition site, Keeptheban state;

In regards to fox hunting, The National Trust state that “Following the Hunting Act of 2004 we grant licences for trail hunting, i.e. the following of an artificially laid scent, where this is compatible with local circumstances.”

However it is clear that the majority of hunts continue to do so illegally under the guise of ‘trail hunting’. An organisation that works for the conservation of wildlife and the safeguarding of nature should not stand by and allow their land to be used for illegal and cruel activities.

One must question how hounds are able to distinguish between artificially laid sent and that of an actual fox, and it is of little surprise that wildlife often gets in the way of ‘trail hunting’. For more detailed info regarding trail hunt lies, please click here, where you will be forwarded to IFAW’s ‘Trail of Lies’ report.

The hand in of the petition coincides with a members’ resolution that will be voted upon this Autumn, with members of the Trust being able to decide whether ‘trail hunting’ licences will be given out in future. Keeptheban hope members will vote in accordance with the petition and that the result is a positive one for wildlife.

A recent poll conducted on the Keeptheban Facebook page found 3800/4100 agreed that the National Trust should revoke land use to ‘trail hunting’, an impressive 92%.


If you are a member of the National Trust please stay tuned for more info regarding how you can vote in favour of the resolution, and for the time being if you would like to sign the petition you can do so here.

We would love to hear your thoughts, feel free to leave a comment below, do you think the National Trust should change their hunting policy?

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