Man’s dog attacked by hounds of the Mendip Farmers fox hunt

On 13th July, David Mullin was walking his dogs when they were subject to a vicious attack by hounds of the Mendip Farmers fox hunt. In an online public status, David Mullin the owner of the dogs in question stated “This is what happens when you meet the Mendip Farmers fox hunt on a public right of way. Dogs attacked by the pack of foxhounds and then told it was my fault. Whippet is under the vet with possible internal injuries other dog OK but bitten.”

Following the incident receiving considerable online attention, with thousands of people condemning the awful attack, Mullin gave his account of a conversation with the Master of foxhounds on the phone. His alleged words were “sorry to hear that your dog was injured. He then went on to say that it was my word against his about what happened and that as his hounds “walk past dogs and children all the time and this has never happened before” that it must therefore be my fault. I was also told that I seemed unconcerned that one of his hounds also needed to see a vet. He was slightly taken aback when I quoted the Dangerous Dogs legislation at him. This is far from over.

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Alfie, the dog caught up in the incident is now said to be on the mend having been to the Vets;

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  1. Eunice Holloway

    Fox hunting is a barbaric and outdated event never should be legalised

  2. Janet Benson

    A bloody disgrace the government and the police are not doing anything about this shame on you all they think if you’ve got money you can get away with anything all they are is a shower ignorant bastards

  3. ian cook

    Why are the police doing nothing to stop these people.

  4. Hermione Stratford

    They need to be looked up the hunters, It not the Hounds fault as brought up for such a cruel sport if you had a hound dog as a pet it would not do such a crime. These cruel bastards need to be locked up

  5. Kristine light

    Hope your dogs recover this is unacceptable hope they pay your bill !!!

  6. Pam Thomas

    Hounds chased my own dog, years ago – she was a large, confident spaniel, but she fled in terror and ran all the way home – half a mile, across a busy road. Fortunately she was unharmed, physically, but to the end of her days, if she was out and heard the hounds or the horn, even if they were far away, she would turn tail and run. I do hope your dog is not similarly affected.

  7. These people who foxhunt think that they have the right to do what they want they disgust me I would sue them for my vet bill and use the dangerous dog act for dogs out of control

  8. Eleanor Cartwright

    Absolutely disgusting this abhorant practice of hunting with hounds is archaic and needs stopping hope ghese poor dogs recover

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