Lord Mancroft claims only hunting associations care about the welfare of foxes

In a speech made to the House of Lords today, the Conservative Lord Mancroft re-opened the debate surrounding the ban on hunting when he suggested that hunting associations are the only groups that care about the welfare of foxes.

“My Lords, does my noble friend share with me the confusion about the noble baroness and her friends, so interested in the law the application of the law and the political debate, but apparently show no interest in the welfare of the quarrey species that are supposedly the object of this act”

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Lord Mancroft went on to suggest that since the ban has been in place, research released by the British Ornithological Trust and Springwatch ‘have both shown a significant fall, decline, in the numbers of both hares and foxes’. Interestingly Lord Mancroft acts as Chairman for the Council of Hunting Associations and for Chairman of the Master of Foxhounds Association.

Despite being heckled and laughed at by fellow peers, Mancroft finished by saying his hunting groups ‘are the only two organisations clearly which have any interest in the welfare of the animals concerned.’

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  1. terry power

    another dickhead

  2. Bernadette Hanlay

    If terrorising & running an animal to the point of exhaustion then having it torn apart by a pack of dogs for ‘sport’ is showing how much you ‘care’ then yes I guess you do. Most rational, sane, people would beg to differ.

  3. A Russell

    That is frightening does this man
    REALLY believe what he is saying

  4. Kevin Harvey

    And i guess he thinks that the moon is made from cheese as well……what a buffoo,no wonder this country is in such a mess….

  5. Tim Little

    What a desperate, non sensical claim from a ludicrous individual clearly still stuck in the nineteenth century.
    Here’s to an elected second chamber.

  6. Eve Bray

    Stupid twat.

  7. This man should be locked up .how much does he get paid to not listen to what the public want .twat

  8. Gary

    Interested in the welfare purely so they can then be killed and tortured in a barbaric fashion. This is 2017 and not 1817. As an member of the House of Lords, isnt he expected to respect the will of the people? What a complete hypocrite

  9. what a load of rubbish, and this man is allowed to stand and speak it in The House Of Lords. Think he needs to be the one chased by a pack of blood thirsty hounds, which should catch him and rip him to shreds

  10. Martyn wardell

    Lord mancroft is a total can having hounds rip a fox apart be in the best interest of the fox.let us put him in that position and then ask him what does he think as the hounds jump on him.we need the ban upholding and those that take part dealt with by the full force of the law.

  11. biltonger

    Oh that’s such posh people’s CRAP

  12. adrian hurst

    Yep OK what ever,and maybe Hitler was looking after the Jewish people

  13. Deluded…

    ‘have both shown a significant fall, decline, in the numbers of both hares and foxes’

    The ban is not enforced, that is the problem and illegal hare coursing and fox killing continues unabated…

  14. Rowan Carstairs

    Mad as a very evil hatter.

  15. concerned citizen

    ask the prat why the hunt’s breed foxes, so that the cubs can be thrown alive to the hounds to train them to kill defenceless foxes??? – welfare of the animals my arse!

  16. Stevanovich


  17. Hazel Pearson

    Research is obviously required if fox and hare numbers have decreased since the Hunting Ban was in place because hunting has not stopped. Anyone living in the countryside can verify this, the hunts are seen regularly. These are not drag hunts either, or why would they be seen spread across the edge of woodland waiting for a fox to draw covert?

  18. Diane

    What a disgusting human being ,how can tearing a fox apart be caring for its welfare, such a painful death is not caring for any creature it’s absolutely painful and torture anyone can see that, and the fear that it has from being chased by a pack of howling dogs it’s horrendous. Also there are often carbs left to starve to death is that caring !! Amazing excuses people can come up with for torture, so they can have pleasure in killing innocent animals . Maybe these people should have the experience at the Fox house and see how they like it !

  19. I didn’t think this subject was going to be raised in this parliament. Will these evil folk never give up their quest to torture wild animals for fun?

  20. Paul

    What a load of shit. Snobs on there jollies.

  21. Ken walker

    Ye like the MPs care about anyone but themselves, they must think we are as daft as them

  22. This man must live in a different world than the rest of us. Ripping foxes to pieces is not looking after their welfare.. When it’s their pets turn to pass on do they feed them to the foxes or take them to the vets.. Disgusting…

  23. sue

    Plonker !!!!!

  24. traduzam o que estou escrevendo. vocês com seus terninhos de viados , são um bando de broxas , impotentes . são frustrados , incompetentes em gerar sua vidas. já que gostam de violência , entre no UFC , vai trocar soco com os profissionais , bando de lixos , débeis mentais . retardados . isso é ridículo. deixem as raposas em paz. seus problemas são : impotência sexual . seus frustrados.

  25. Anne jefferies

    Another of the unspeakable hunting the uneatable brigade trying to justify an unjustifiable argument sadist springs to mind

  26. ruth manley

    Utter rubbish, just looking after his own interests.

  27. Deborah Weinberger

    What a bunch of nonsense! The hunting groups call foxes vermin (in fact foxes hunt real vermin – mice and rats – as a food source), and rabbits pests to be put down. I am sure a fox wouldn’t be adverse to a small rabbit either.

  28. Dave Waters

    We should herd all these tosspots into a field, give them 30 seconds head start and then let a trained team of pit bulls loose to ” find ” them. Maybe then they will understand the terror their abominable “sport” inflicts.

  29. The most ridiculous thing I’ve heard. How can hunting foxes be related to their welfare? Give me strength!

  30. Sue Newson

    What a load of BOLLOCKS!!

  31. Lord Mancrofts got an arsehole for a mouth ! when he opens his gob, shit comes out !!!

  32. Jacquie Jacobs

    what a disgusting twat! Why is someone who clearly loves watching defenseless animals being ripped apart even allowed in office. Send him to a pack of lion then see if hes still in favor. Barbaric that this still goes on in the 21st century. Its only because this ‘posh’, stuck up twat like to go around murdering poor defenseless animals himself that hes even bought it up. The public has spoken and are they not supposed to be working on behalf of the public? Get rid pf vermin like him

  33. Ann Nevitt

    This man is an idiot and collecting £300 a day for his attendance in the Lords, unelected, stupid moron.

  34. Paul

    I’m a Lord, I’m quite rich, I belong to a minority elitist group. Why don’t you realise what I tell you is right? What would you, the unwashed masses, know about my fave pastime…..killing wild animals. Just do as I say……..

  35. jackie

    what aload of crap that comes out your mouth. how can you care about the welfare of poor defenceless foxes when you sit on your high horse and watch a dog rip fuck out of one. yet one dog can attack another and the owner gets a fine or has to pay to have the dog put to sleep
    Hypacryts tbe lot of you murdering scum bags

  36. Frances Davies

    This is utter rubbish!!

  37. Roy Osborne

    I am glad he is not looking after me

  38. John Edwards

    I assume that by “welfare” he means the right and opportunity to be ripped apart by packs of hounds. Good to hear one of our Peers standing up for animal rights – tosser ( my lord)!

  39. I do not hunt,and am horrified by the idea of killing animals for sport. (Also hate the barbaric practice of bull-fighting.) However my observation of fox hunting, far from the rich fashionable hunts of the SE and Midlands, was of a community action to control pests. It was generally considered an unpleasant necessity. Most healthy foxes escaped unscathed, and most were able to outwit or out run the hunts. Since the ban I have witnessed a great increase in shooting – one neighbour boasting of killing 50 foxes a year. the consequence of this is that few local foxes hold territory, with the result that the floating fox population includes a lot of urban foxes that have learned to eat sheep meat, and now attack grown ewes, causing them great distress

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