Kate Hoey MP launches war on urban foxes

On 6 July the Labour MP for Vauxhall made her feelings on foxes incredibly clear when she made a strong plea in the Commons for something to be done about the ever growing numbers of urban foxes in her constituency.

Hoey passionately stated “Who is actually responsible for the increasing problem with dealing with the increasing problem of urban foxes?

“This is something that I’ve had huge numbers of complains about recently… It is an area where nobody takes responsibility”

I’m not suggesting speaker the setting up of a Vauxhall hunt, but I am looking to satisfy and to help those constituents who are finding their lives not just intolerable in their homes… but what can be done and who takes responsibility”

Hoey’s comments coincidentally come after the Government were forced to backtrack on their Manifesto pledge to offer a free vote on repeal of the 2004 Hunting Act. It is widely believed that Hoey would have been one of very few Labour MPs to vote in favour of a repeal of the ban on fox hunting.

In response to her comments, the Speaker of the House John Bercow MP quipped;

“Of course the longer the Honourable Lady is in the Vauxhall constituency, the more terrified the foxes will be”

Additionally the former DEFRA Minister Andrea Leadsom also commented

 “They have a cheek going to Vauxhall with the Honourable Lady’s views of foxes”

Considering the Government’s plans to repeal the Hunting ban were shelved due to widespread public backlash, what do you make of Hoey’s comments regarding urban foxes?

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  1. Catherine woolgar

    They were here first! Leave them alone!

  2. Matthew Rimmer

    Does the “Honorable Lady” really have nothing better to do than whine and rant about foxes?. Okay so (she claims) she has received numerous complaints from her constituents, on what grounds exactly? are the people of Vauxhall the sort who believe Basil Brush may leap out and devour their children? Pathetic!.

  3. andrew feetenby

    Now, I could understand , if she was talking about wasps, or giant spiders, as they can get into your homes and frighten you, if you are a timid woman. But to state that urban foxes are a nuisance, or a problem. she must be trying to live with them. I’ve never met a fox, that wants to be near me, so I reckon she is just against wildlife being wildlife

  4. raymonde robson

    what about neutering them ,i could accept that ,but NOT killing for sport

  5. how about neutering them i could accept that

  6. Patricia Andrew

    Kate Hoey is out to make a nane for herself and ‘whip up’ local residents at the expense of these beautiful creatures! Shame on her. God knows what these locals will do to the foxes under her ‘banner.’

  7. Teresa Kennedy

    Just evil scaremongering about innocent foxes. We MUST keep the ban to prevent wicked humans from hunting terrified animals and calling it sport

  8. Julia michell

    Shame on you Kate Hoey! Look after the foxes properly

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