How to end hunting on National Trust land

Are you a member of the National Trust? If so, now is the time to use your vote to end hunting on Trust land once and for all.

Over 70 hunts use Trust land for so-called ‘trail hunting’,  the following of an artificial based scent rather than a live mammal, but we know this to be nothing but a guise for illegal hunting.

One must question how hounds are able to distinguish between artificially laid sent and that of an actual fox, and it is of little surprise that wildlife often gets in the way of ‘trail hunting’. For more detailed info regarding trail hunt lies, please click here, where you will be forwarded to IFAW’s ‘Trail of Lies’ report.

Following on from the overwhelming support for our petition calling for an end to so-called ‘trail hunting’ on Trust land which has now amassed over 165,000 signatures, we now have the opportunity to really make those numbers count.  In recent days voting has opened for this years’ AGM and if you are a subscribed member you have the opportunity to support Helen Beynon’s resolution. So here’s how to use your vote;

1 -> Go to the voting website (

2 -> Log in by entering your name, surname, membership number & post code.

3 -> Click the AGM resolution button.

4 -> Nominate Helen Beynon, the resolution’s author, as a proxy. She can then use your votes to support the resolution to shut down so-called ‘trail hunting’.

5 -> Click the ‘Next Page’ button.

6 -> Review your choices, then click ‘Submit’.

For more info regarding how you can help support the campaign to end hunting on National Trust land, please follow Keeptheban and National Dis-Trust on Facebook.


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  1. Paul Hazelle

    If hunting isn’t stopped on NT land I will be stopping my subscription, see if your elite hunters will donate to keep you going?

  2. Karen Lott

    Please stop these barbaric hunts for god’s sake it’s 2017 , I will never go on there land or donate until it stops

  3. Andrew Taggart

    I am 77 years old and any hunting is so wrong those who follow the hunt should hold their heads in shame.

  4. Janet

    I was thinking of joining but until hunting is stopped on your land NO!

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