Chris Packham demands an end to wildlife slaughter

Chris Packham has called upon his followers to support the ‘Make Badger Culling & Hunting History Protest March’ on 12th August 2017. In a strongly worded tweet, the well-respected Springwatch presenter stated; ‘If you’ve had enough of our wildlife being slaughtered please sign up’. This comes after the Government were forced to backtrack on their Manifesto pledge to offer a free vote on repeal of the 2004 Hunting Act. Following on from the success of the Make Hunting History march on May 29th, the Make Hunting History coalition hope for a large turnout at their next protest in London, this time making their voice heard for other important animal rights issues.

As well as having the support of Chris Packham, prominent campaigners such as Dominic Dyer, author of Badgered to Death, actor Peter Egan and politicians such as former Green Party leader NatalieĀ Bennett will be there on the day lending their support to the campaign to #CrushCruelty

You can sign up to the event by clicking here

Full event details are listed below:

The Badger Trust, the Make Hunting History coalition and Care2 will be holding a joint protest march to Downing Street on Saturday 12 August.

The key aim of the protest march will be to call on the new Conservative minority government to bring an immediate end to the cruel, costly and ineffective badger cull policy and to strengthen rather than seek to repeal the Hunting Act.

Equally, we aim to raise public awareness of the barbarity of fox-cub hunting, otherwise known as ‘cubbing’ or ‘Autumn hunting’, which is currently in season and has started across the UK.

The driven grouse shooting season starts on the 12th August and is hugely detrimental to the much persecuted Hen Harriers. We are delighted to announce that Chris Packham will speak on this subject.

This event is expected to be the largest ever British wildlife protection protest held in the UK, bringing together thousands of caring compassionate people united in their determination to stop the government from playing politics with the future of our wildlife.

The march will leave Cavendish Square at 1.30pm and proceed down Regents Street, Pall Mall, around Trafalgar Square down Whitehall ending at Richmond Terrace opposite Downing Street.

Speakers at Cavendish Square and Richmond Terrace will include leading wildlife protection campaigners, naturalists and broadcasters, politicians and vets.



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  1. Caroline Westbrook-Jones

    God the Creator, did not Create mankind to destroy creation, mankind destroys creation, through reckless and misguided use of freewill …

    • Sarah

      Absolutely agree

    • Peter Mann

      It’s been known for centuries that mankind (a misnomer if ever there was one) is the most destructive creature on the planet. Our record speaks for itself.

  2. Liz

    Can’t do London.
    You have my support.
    Bless you all and good luck.

  3. Cinzia Morreale

    I agree completely!

  4. ann

    Badger culling is pointless. And fox hunting is disgusting and cruel. We want to keep our wildlife. Not kill it. Please for once leave wildlife alone. Humans cant control everything and we shouldent think we can

  5. Paul Troalic

    I’m with Packham and all the other celebs that demand an end to animal slaughter.
    Governments must take action now before it’s too late.
    Too many animals are being killed for fast cash and profit.
    These are criminal activities and must be punished.

  6. I have campaigned to stop the Fox hunt for at least 50 years, also I’ve constantly fought to stop the Badger cull, I am almost 80 years old now, will I ever see the day when we can glory at spotting them when out in, what’s left of our country side. I hope I will….

  7. Laura mcleod

    This is cruel & unnecessary- we are supposed to be enlightened- stop this horror

  8. gillian horn

    Just sick of it

  9. Diane Radigan

    Barbaric. Getting kicks out of torturing living things is psychopathic. There is no other rationale.
    I don’t agree with violence of any sort…..but if sadistic idiots want to fight let them pick on something their own size and without weapons or dogs. Preferably each other.

  10. June Spillings

    The cruel slaughter must stop. More graphic publicity and media coverage to make more people aware of what is happening.

  11. Lae

    You have my support

  12. Sue H

    I totally agree. The natural world belongs to ALL of us to enjoy and is not there for a few to ruin and destroy.

  13. Carole Van Heerden

    Thank God for Chris Packham !!!!
    I cannot get to the march,
    but I have a computer, so if help is needed I can type etc
    I went to London a few years ago for the Elephants , can’t manage it mow, but I have a loud voice….

  14. Rosemary

    Cannot attend the March but support the cause.

  15. Caroline Evans

    support you all the way, just mention that there are cases of foxhounds spreading bovine T.B. but the government are keeping very quiet about that, wonder why?

  16. pamela abbott

    unable to get to the march, but support all that you do, I am in my mid eighties and unable to get around now but would love to think that all of the killing of wild animals is stopped before I die.

  17. David Whitham

    I agree with Packham, leave the Badgers leave the foxes alone, I’m more in favour of human cull, what makes us above other creatures ? is it because we are more intelligent ? well we are certainly not that ! It is time to put a stop to the destruction of our wildlife no matter the sake of man.

  18. Kate Marie Brightland

    We will endeavour to bring public awareness to the unnecessary and cruel violent acts committed against our precious wildlife.. the gov must accept bullying will not be tolerated under any circumstances.. the badger cull is ineffective at controlling the spread of bTB as badgers are taking the blame when in actuality foxhounds are carrying this disease throughout the land, covered up by pro hunting factions.. the public want reinforcement of the hunting act plus the cull ended.. It’s time for a paradigm shift in attitudes towards our fellow beings, humans do not have the right to decide an animal’s fate, we must learn to live alongside others and protest against unfair treatment, changing/reinforcing laws to acknowledge their place in the world and teaching future generations that intolerance and persecution is unacceptable in a civilised society.

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