BBC fails to report on biggest animal rights march in recent history

On Bank Holiday Monday, thousands of compassionate people descended upon the streets of London to voice their support for the ban on fox hunting, deer hunting, and hare coursing. The ‘Make Hunting History March’ followed Theresa May’s public announcement that the Conservative Party intends to hold  free vote on repeal of the Hunting Act. The organisers of the event estimated that there were several thousand people in attendance marching from Cavendish Square to outside Downing Street, with members of the public joining at various points of the route.

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Despite national media coverage from The Mirror, The Evening Standard, The Independent, The Metro, ITV London News and the Daily Record amongst others, it appears the BBC chose to ignore the event, despite filming just minutes up the road for the London 10,000 race.



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  1. Tom Trowbridge

    BBC must be supporting animal cruelty

  2. nigel beatson

    disgraceful! i expect the bbc to cover newsworthy activities! has anyone actually asked them why they chose not to cover it? i would be interested to hear an explanation!

    with all the things taking place in the world, and locally, they feel they have the time to debate this all over again?? time better spent elsewhere i suggest!!’😡

    • Janet pearson

      No its not that !!. Mrs May and the rest of the murderous tories don’t want anybody to see how many folk are against animal cruelty. We can’t do much about terrorism but we can stop cruelty .the repeal must not go though or 86% or more people will rebel .

    • Markyoxford

      Because it is run by the tory elite. The government placed their people in charge so they do what the government wants

  3. Maureen Hanson

    BBC is not for the people. … bigots rule….

  4. Tom Trowbridge

    The Tory dictator wicked witch Theresa May supports animal cruelty and probably told BBB and Sky not to show the demonstration.

  5. June hamer

    Keep the ban

  6. Jeanette Goodman

    Am disgusted that the animal rights demonstration against fox hunting was not covered by the BBC.
    Shows the BBC are in favour of this cruelty and inhuman act.

  7. Absolutely shameful it wasn’t reported , pathetic BBC what are you an apologist for the Tories

  8. Julie Hodgkins

    Absolutely disgraceful. A complete insult to viewers.

  9. Rosie begum

    This must happen no animals should suffer

  10. Common Scence

    The BBC just isnt reporting a load of idiots.

  11. Karen Civil

    Shame on you #NoExcuseForAnimalAbuse

  12. Marion Lukas

    I could not believe that the protest was not covered on the TV does anyone know if any channel showed it at all.??BBC This is the people of England & we do not want any type of hunting but the BBC have been totally ignorant of our views & wishes. It’s a disgrace shame on you BBC !!!!!!!!

    • ITV London News did cover the event

    • Ed W

      You don’t speak for everyone, so please be careful how you use the phrase “we”.
      If a “few thousand compassionate people” represents the English and welsh populous, we’ve got a problem. I saw a queue at a Fish and Chip shop in Lymington yesterday that had 200 people in it. That wasn’t news either.
      Clearly the beeb just thought that a few thousand people marching the streets wasn’t newsworthy enough. I’d be inclined to agree.
      Put a vote out to licence payers – I’m fairly certain most would vote in favour of not covering this sort of “news”.

  13. jean daglish

    How typical that this was not covered by the BBC,, the Media worldwide is controlled by BIG businesses

  14. Hilary Mitchell

    Did National ITV News, Channel 4 News or Sky News cover the event?

  15. Jean Adams

    BBC.WHY no report on fox BAN? Disgusted!!

  16. Jean Adams

    Reply please

  17. Debz Jones

    BBC!!!, lame when it comes to animal welfare!!!, have called them out before on animal cruelty!!!, the excuses are unbelieveable!!!.

  18. A gill

    Contractors building the Accommodation block for Hinckley c have secured authorised cull of wild rabbits on the building site …… EDF shame on you !!!

  19. John O'Shea

    I was there at the march in support. I’ve always voted Tory but now going to abstain or possibly vote labour. I’m sure and hope there are many of us amongst the 80 odd percent. Don’t heckle me please!

    • Doina taylor

      Thank you for marching and please vote Labour, don’t waste your vote by abstaining, your voice is important

    • Roy Rogers

      My Former conservative MP who is standing for re-election has stated that he will fight to keep the ban together with many other conservatives

  20. Nuala Pinson

    Keep the ban. The BBC obviously do not care about animals (unless a programme is making money) but thousands of people do care passionately.
    Unbiased reporting………….

  21. Marjorie Roberts.

    It makes you wonder if the BBC is a bit biased! DOH! Tory owned lot!!

  22. i’ve noticed they seem to be avoiding the subject full stop. Not just the protest but fox hunting in general seems to be swept under the carpet considering its such a major concern to alot of voters

  23. Nikki Randell

    I’m totally disgusted at the BBC! I grew up in the 1950s when you could pretty much trust them for accurate unbiassed reporting – what happened to that ????? Sadly I couldn’t join my friends on the march but I could see from video clips there were thousands there. Shame on you BBC! You’ve lost my trust and respect !!!

  24. Colin raymond bell

    It’s disgusting that they never reported this at all when there was thousands of people on march

  25. Yvonne Dixon

    What happened to democracy and freedom of the press?

  26. keenzincmaker

    What Theresa May actually said if any of you bothered to watch the clip ( on the BBC where they covered the story first) was that MPs would have a free vote (just like before). She’s personally in favour but it would not be Tory policy. Just get your facts straight.

  27. ian Robertson

    BBC is state television that we peasants are forced to pay for

  28. screentrader

    Has ANYONE got in contact with BBC and got a reply? Be interested to know what they have to say for themselves I I choose to not watch this propaganda channel! At least we have social media – not a lot Toroes and media can do about that!!

  29. Glenda Smart


  30. John

    But everyone of the protesters are cool about halal meat….no mention about that is there

  31. BBC and the Conservatives, a bunch of tossers!!

  32. The BBC and Sky need shutting down and everyone’s licence fee reimbursing! Why do we pay licence fee’s in this day and age. As a reminder of a bygone age, THIS IS ENGLAND CALLING, WE DON’T WANT YOUR TORY BUTCHERY HERE!!!!!!

  33. susan fox

    why did they not report it

  34. Dean

    What are they trying to conceal, obviously people want the ban to stay and be upheld! Shame on you BBC, we pay our licence fees but not to be treated this way.

  35. I find the BBC nothing but a tory mouthpiece these days, I do NOT know why we are actually having to pay a licence for it? It might just as well be given away to Murdoch and go over to Sky [I do not partake of that either/nor the Murdoch press]. I used to watch the BBC News regularly but have long since given up, it is nothing but propaganda and a disgrace to our once world envied corporation.

  36. Annonymous

    How many is 1000s? Over 1/2 a million people marched in London against the ban before the laws came in. Similarly they have promised a free vote only. The Tories have promised another vote on this issue the last three elections. I find it entertaining that people don’t see this for what it is. Another ploy to get the countryside vote with no actual truth to it just like their previous promises.

    Similarly hunting is more popular than ever now that it is trail hunting and not regular hunting. So a lot of people who agree with hunting with hounds actually don’t care whether the ban is lifted or not. Mostly because the majority of people who go only go for the ride and the social aspect anyway so aren’t there to pay attention to whatever the huntsman and the hounds are doing anyway! 😂😂😂

  37. Theresa May lives in a bubble, she doesn’t want to hear….hence BBC ignoring the March in London. It should have been reported on as people travelled miles to show their support.

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