We’ve all heard of the phrase a “Man’s best friend”,  in reference to the millennia-long history of close relations, loyalty, and companionship between dogs and humans, but what if this was taken a step further?

Student Georgia Samantha did just that, rather than adhering to the traditional relationship, Georgia was fortunate enough to forge a friendship with one of the resident foxes at the British Wildlife Rescue Centre (BWRC) in Amerton, Stafford. The centre cares for over 1,000 sick, injured and orphaned animals and birds from in and around Staffordshire. Speaking of her time spent caring for the wildlife at the centre, Georgia said;

 “Working with her and other wildlife at the BWRC was a fantastic opportunity, as conservation is what I’m studying at uni at the moment, learning how to rehabilitate was incredibly interesting.”

The fox goes by the name of Pixie and members of the public are welcomed to visit the animals, as the BWRC rely on entrance fees, donations and animal adoptions to keep the centre open and to feed and house the animals.

It is important to remember that foxes are wild animals and it is not advised to keep them as pets, and those that are tame are often a result of being hand reared or rescued from fur farms.

“Pixie was hand reared as a cub before coming to us and has always loved human attention, which allowed me to get up close to her.”


The best part of working with Pix was getting to know her personality and her little traits, seeing her get so excited when I would open the enclosure door made my day! She drew a lot of attention from visitors as she would jump up for cuddles and would never want you to leave, so it was great being able to get that attention, which of course she loved every minute of!


“Teaching people about foxes in a way they have probably never seen before and seeing Pixies gentle nature allowed them to see foxes in a positive way. I’m so grateful to the British Wildlife Rescue Centre and manager Dawn for the wonderful new experiences and the amazing wildlife I got to work so closely with.”

Unsurprisingly the Hunt Saboteurs Association loved the images of Georgia and Pixie as much as we did, and featured her on the latest issue of their HOWL magazine as can be seen below:

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